Company Information

Founded in 1998, Shiji’s aim is to become a “big data” application service platform operator. Shiji has become the leading manufacturer of Chinese hotel information systems after three successful transformations. At the same time, Shiji is gradually expanding from hotel to catering and retail industries, becoming the major software supplier to both industries. Now, Shiji is responsible for approximately 60% to 70% of the market share in the high end sector of hotel and retail industries, and possesses a leading position in the catering industry. The estimated annual revenue of Shiji clients can be more than RMB 5 trillion. Shiji has completed three successful transformations since its establishment. It is now experiencing the 4th transformation dedicating to be a “big data” driven consumer application service platform operator. Shiji has introduced consulting, IT solutions and data platform services. Meanwhile, Shiji is developing worldwide leading products and technologies aiming for the international market and speeding up its globalization progress. Currently Shiji has more than 50 subsidiaries located in major Chinese cities and overseas markets (Singapore and Munich) with over 3,000 employees.

Our Clients

We serve well known clients domestically and globally. They are the leaders in their industries.



Shangri-la  Shangri-la
Wanda  Wanda

Food & Beverage

Starbucks  Starbucks
Pizza Express  Pizza Express
Waipojia  Waipojia
Zhiweiguan  Zhiweiguan


Swarovski  Swarovski
New world  New World
Joy City  Joy City

Leisure & Entertainment

Disney  Disney
Chime Long  Chime Long
Wu Zhen  Wuzhen
Huang Mountain  Huang Mountain