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7 Pillars of Shiji’s Business Transformation

(Feb, 17, 2017, Beijing, CN) Shiji envisions being a part of consumers’ lives when they “eat, sleep, shop and play”. This forms the basis of group’s latest transformation - being a platform service provider with strong data and analytical capabilities encompassing various sectors.

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New Year’s Greetings from the Board of Directors

As we leave 2016 behind us and move into the new year of 2017. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, please allow us, the Board of Directors of Beijing Shiji Information Technology Co., Ltd., to express our warm greetings to the coming festival, best wishes and sincere thanks to the partners, customers, investors and all Shiji employees who focus on the growth of the Company.

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Shiji Announces the Acquisition of ReviewPro,the Leading Guest Intelligence Solutions Provider

Context: Shiji announced the acquisition of a majority stake in ReviewPro, and ReviewPro’s founders and management team will continue to lead the company as it scales its global growth plan and the roll-out of new products and services. 

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Hello Singapore! Shiji Opens New Office in Singapore

(January 13, 2017, Beijing/Singapore) We are pleased to announce the opening of our office in Singapore to enhance our presence within Asia Pacific. This move is aligned with our international growth strategy to distribute Shiji solutions and services globally and better serve our customers locally.

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hetras with expansion plans after Shiji acquisition!

(January 9, 2017 Beijing) hetras is the first company in Germany to develop a fully internet-based management application for hotels and hotel chains of all sizes. After the acquisition, Shiji allows hetras to focus its resources on strategic product roadmap planning, leading to further customer stability and business development across multiple markets.

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Shiji Planned to Privatize eFuture Holding Inc.

(December 26, 2016 Beijing) Shiji (Hong Kong)’s proposed privatization transaction to eFuture is conducive to the overall development of its retail information system, which will help the company to integrate existing retail information system resources and create foundation for setting up comprehensive solutions for the circulation retail information system.

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Shiji Holds A Majority In SnapShot By B2 Investment

(December 1, 2016 Beijing) Shiji announced the B2 investment in SnapShot through Shiji’s wholly-owned subsidiary Shiji (Hong Kong) Limited. With the additional investment of EUR 17,952,900, Shiji holds 69.07% of SnapShot stock equity. Snapshot is one of the most important data-based platforms contributing to the Shiji development strategy.

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(15th November 2016, Beijing) Shiji announced the launch of new branding, and introduced new logo and visual imaging. The launch of the new brand logo indicates Shiji’s determination and confidence in their ability to transform into a data driven, consumer application and service platform operator.

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The Chairman of Shiji Mr. Li Zhongchu: Shiji's Strategy is to Go Platform and Globalized.

Preface: before Shiji new brand launch, Shiji media team got a chance to have an interview with Shiji Chairman Mr. Li Zhongchu. Starting from the new logo, the background and meaning of the rebranding to Shiji strategy, in addition, Mr. Li also recalled Shiji development history, opportunities and challenges, and described clearly the Shiji platform and globalization strategy in future.

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Shiji COO Kevin King: Dedicated To Client Service, Aiming For Globalized Development

Context: Chief Operating Officer of Shiji, Mr. Kevin King has lead the Shiji rebranding exercise. The new logo represents Shiji’s transformation to a consumer application service platform provider. In the interview, Mr. King talked about his understanding of the branding, and expressed his resolution that Shiji’s aim is to help clients achieve their mission and goals, he further described the Company’s own vision to “go platform and globalization” in the future. He is confident in the strategy to go forward, steadily and firmly. Mr. King also shared some experiences drawn from the past year of business.

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Shiji HK and Concur Invest In STAYNTOUCH

Washington D.C., February 3, 2016 – StayNTouch, an innovator in mobile technology and Property Management Systems (PMS) for hotels,today announced the closing of a $9.5M financing led by Concur’s Perfect Trip Fund and Shiji (Hong Kong) Ltd, to build out the company’s solutions worldwide. StayNTouch is leading the next generation of hotel management technology with a growing client list including MGM Resorts International, Yotel and distinctive resorts such as The Fontainebleau.

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Shiji Attended IHG Great China IT Meeting 2017

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