Shiji COO Kevin King: Dedicated To Client Service, Aiming For Globalized Development


Context: Chief Operating Officer of Shiji, Mr. Kevin King has lead the Shiji rebranding exercise. The new logo represents Shiji’s transformation to a consumer application service platform provider. In the interview, Mr. King talked about his understanding of the branding, and expressed his resolution that Shiji’s aim is to help clients achieve their mission and goals, he further described the Company’s own vision to “go platform and globalization” in the future. He is confident in the strategy to go forward, steadily and firmly. Mr. King also shared some experiences drawn from the past year of business.

Lead Shiji to grow internationally while we will still be deeply rooted in China.

Q: Firstly, could you briefly describe key changes of the brand logo between the old and the new?

Kevin King: Our previous logo had great meaning and has served Shiji well as a Company providing solutions and technical services.  Our new logo is less complicated and is representative of today, looking toward the future.

Q: What is the meaning of the new logo? 

Kevin King: The Shiji brand is more than just a logo, it is the way we present
our business to those with whom we interact. It is the platform for communications and the foundation upon which we represent our people, our products, our partners and most importantly, our customers. 

Q: What is the background and motivation for Shiji to launch the new logo?

Kevin King: Shiji business empowers its customer to know their customer better, providing opportunities to make smarter decisions and to achieve their corporate goals. The data nest in our logo is how we visually represent Shiji’s ability to help collect data, analyse that data and empower customers to make smart decisions based on that insight. 
It ultimately represents data ‘coming in’ and data ‘going out’. Shiji is at the heart of data and the power it gives to our corporate customers. 

Q: Which messages will you expect the new brand logo to deliver to the market?

Kevin King: Shiji is developing to meet the needs of today’s market. Looking toward future, providing data, IT solutions, consulting and insight within and around what we have to offer; on a global scale.

Q: Will the launching of the new logo be an important step in Shiji’s branding strategy? Does it indicate the company is in transformation?

Kevin King: Yes.  From humble beginnings to market leader in various vertical segments.  Our breadth of knowledge and experience in China in tandem with global growth will help strengthen us as a business, ultimately serving our customers more effectively.

Q: We understand that you are basically working around the clock. What drives you to devote such great passion and enthusiasm?

Kevin King:  Our team.  We have a team of young, talented professionals within Shiji, and with every investment we make domestically or internationally we just keep adding great talent.
As I have said before, our goal is to provide the best talent and experience to work with and to support our customers, to the point where above average service is expected as the norm. We strive to always be the best, in everything we do, this takes commitment and a good deal of effort. I cannot expect this from anyone, unless I am willing to experience the same. I do work hard, I travel often and it is tiring, but I am secure in the knowledge that I am supported by my colleagues who work as long and as hard as I do. We do it to make a difference, to get it right and to know that when we go to sleep each night, we can be confident that we all did our best, our customers are content and the Company reputation is always intact. It is a privilege to work hard when the reward is global success for everyone.

Q: We understand that you have spent the majority of your career journey, working for large, international Companies.  After joining Shiji, what is your perception of the Company culture and the major differences from those previously experienced?  Do the difference pose any challenges? 

Kevin King:  I came to China in 1986. At that time, the country was a very different environment and in many ways a different culture.  There are always differences between companies and culture.  Shiji has a strong, stable foundation, built since 1998, with many of the initial team still working in Shiji today.
Challenges to me are opportunities, culture or otherwise.  In terms of Chinese culture, I am confident and respectful.  In saying that, as Shiji is on an international growth path, we are exposed to many different cultures, allowing team members to learn and grow. 

Q: Looking forward, which major milestone will you bring the team to achieve?

Kevin King:  Internationalization, taking Shiji to the world.  We have started this journey already, opening operations in Europe, Asia and United States. Our growth is organic, by acquisition and investments in both companies and solutions.  Our focus on the retail industry in China provides us a platform for international expansion. China remains our home base and growth in China in all our verticals, supported by our horizontal platforms will continue to have focus.