Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service

Modern and Mobile

Elevate guest experience anywhere with mobile devices for Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service. Allow your customers the freedom of self-ordering, and stand out from your competition by offering mobile payment methods that increase customer engagement. 

Elevate the Guest Engagement

When Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service is combined with the revolutionary Oracle Hospitality Simphony Engagement Service, guest interactions and transactions are significantly enhanced. Oracle Hospitality Simphony Engagement Service provides a rich user interface featuring an ultramodern look and feel with interactive live tiles that enable staff to engage with customers anywhere and to go beyond the standard. The Welcome Experience feature replaces traditional customer- facing screens with engaging content, such as daily specials, pictures of signature dishes, social media, and weather. The Hub feature enables restaurateurs to manage their operations more efficiently by viewing centralized content, such as real-time data reporting, training materials, key back-of-house functions, and video surveillance. 

Centralize the Enterprise

Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service provides food and beverage operators with a centralized solution for simplified, agile management and control. Every POS terminal within the enterprise can be updated from a central location—giving you complete control over menus, pricing, and promotions. This enables a consistent guest and brand experience, while removing your dependency on a property expert at every location who understands how to make changes. Centralization also enables changes to be planned and tested weeks and months in advance so that rollouts are smooth and on time. 

Streamline Food and Beverage Operations

Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service was designed to serve and enhance the food and beverage industry. It features a multitude of functions created specifically for hospitality, including tools to ensure timely guest seating, food delivery, loyalty tracking, and much more: 
Improve accuracy and speed of service with the conversational ordering feature. Orders can be entered into the POS in the sequence that they are given, greatly simplifying the ordering process. 
Increase order entry speed with the automatic combo recognition feature. Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service automatically recognizes combo meals based on items ordered, calculating special pricing to ensure discounts are never missed, and improving order entry time. 
Ensure your future orders will always be on time. Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service automatically sends online and call-ahead orders to the kitchen based on when they are needed. 
Manage reservations and waitlists easily with the table management feature. Guests can make reservations using Oracle Hospitality Reservations Management Service, and Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service will suggest available tables based on a real-time list of reserved or waiting parties, server rotation, and section assignments. 
Ensure accurate food delivery with the seat management feature. With this functionality, any staff member is able to deliver food to a specific seat, and each guest can receive a separate check. 
Easily manage multiple courses. Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service can automatically trigger a fixed-price menu based on the seat and items ordered, eliminating the need for multiple menu creation. 
Maximize efficiency and quality with kitchen management functionality. 

Enterprise wide Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

When combined with Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics Cloud Service, Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service organizes and consolidates business critical data into easy-to-view reports and dashboards. The reporting and analytics module gives you access to real-time performance data from across your entire enterprise, helping you to make informed business decisions. That data is also made available through the inMotion feature of Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics Service. This feature is a native mobile application that enables restaurant operators to view real-time data from daily business operations—such as sales, labor, discounts, tenders, and guest count—from any location, at any time. 

Accurate Forecasting for Increased Control

With Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service and Oracle Hospitality Forecasting and Budget Service, you gain increased control of your business. The forecasting service enables you to track sales and other performance metrics against your expected results, so you can clearly and quickly see if adjustments need to be made. When used with Oracle Hospitality Labor Management Service, the forecasting module automates your labor scheduling. Suggested stock ordering can be enabled when Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service is combined with Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management Service. 

Maximize Staff Efficiency by Managing Labor

Staffing represents one of the biggest costs in any food and beverage operation. Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service helps maximize the efficiency of this expenditure by reducing manual administration involved in staff scheduling, while ensuring that schedules are always optimized so that locations are neither overstaffed nor understaffed. 

Increase Engagement with Gift and Loyalty Functionality

Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service works with Oracle Hospitality Gift and Loyalty Service to enable food and beverage operators to better engage with their guests and encourage customer loyalty. With Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service, innovative programs can be created and managed efficiently to reward the right customers at the right time.

Control Your Inventory for Maximum Profitability

Inventory is another major cost for any food and beverage operator, and waste or theft can have a considerable impact on profitability. At the same time, guest satisfaction relies on having sufficient stock to never disappoint a customer. Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management Service works with Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service to give you control of your stock, enabling you to monitor availability and usage without needing to physically check your stores. 

A Complete Solution for Your Enterprise

Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service is the ideal solution for a growing enterprise that wants to offer many different concepts—for example, combining a counter service deli with a table service café. When combined with functionality for POS, loyalty, inventory, loss prevention, labor, and reporting, Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service provides an extremely powerful, yet flexible, solution for your business. 

Monitor Your Business and Prevent Loss

With Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service and Oracle Hospitality XBRi Loss Prevention Service, food and beverage managers can centrally monitor activity on every POS terminal throughout an entire enterprise. Sophisticated techniques enable unexpected transactions or behavior to be identified and flagged for investigation. 

Grow Your Enterprise Through Innovation

Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service gives food and beverage operators the ability to remain at the forefront of innovation. Through partnerships with third-party solutions—such as mobile payments and online ordering—the latest innovations can be quickly introduced, bringing ideas to market much faster. 

Servicing Food and Beverage and Retail Operations

Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service is a proven solution for a wide range of food and beverage and retail operations, including table service and quick service restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, casinos, travel hubs, theme parks, and select retail outlets. In each case, Oracle Hospitality Simphony Service can scale from thousands of POS terminals across a large enterprise all the way to operations with a single location.


Enhance business efficiency and agility with lower IT costs 
Ability to continue trade if internet connection is lost 
Customer engagement with live content in a rich user interface 
Mobile-enabled with multiple hardware options for flexibility 
Centralized management of menus, pricing, and promotions 
Conversational ordering with a fluid workflow that enables cashier to enter orders as they are given 
Flexible order management controls to suit all environments 
Cash management to maximize revenues by tracking cash flow 
Powerful reporting for comprehensive real-time data accessible by mobile 
Kitchen management functionality for consistency and efficiency 
Labor management capability to streamline staff scheduling 
Optional services for loyalty and gift cards, inventory, and loss prevention 
Integration to online ordering and payment applications 
Multilanguage and currency support 
Reduce the cost of IT management across the enterprise 
Take guest engagement to a new level with a POS solution that extends to mobile 
Increase consistency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with centralized management 
Quickly bring ideas and innovations to market with operational agility 
Manage multiple operational styles within one enterprise 
Easily extend the solution to include loss prevention, loyalty, and inventory management 
Simplify integration by leveraging APIs to connect with mobile payment options, online ordering solutions, and more