Shiji Human Resources Management System

All Human Resources Information is computerized in one database. Answers for queries are delivered in just Clicks.

-Grand and instant central database, ranging from personal particulars, contracts, probations, birthdays, personnel affairs, remuneration, benefits, Leaves, social security, training, awards, disciplinary actions and so on; 
-Free user-defined query criteria. Immediate replies for the quires come out just in clicks. The related report in Excel will be exported just by one more mouse click; 
-With the powerful report generator by the advance cutting-edge technology, plenty of management reports accommodating various kind of needs or purposes are available in a detail and standard form; 
-Preset the salary change amount and the effective date,system will automatically trace and apply on schedule; 
-Preset the position and department change and date ofeffective, and leave the system to follow up; 
-Handling the casual labor expatriates and retiredEmployees; 
-Handling candidate, employees check in and check out.Reminder of big events, employee birthdays, expiry date ofemployment contract, probation, work permits (brown book),residence permit (green book), visa or health certificate (yellowbook) and so on; 
-Unique pro-rate of annual leaveFlexible handling overtime and compensation.  

Auto and easy payroll Processing

-Digital attendance and leave applications are logically linked to the payroll;  
-Overtime pay, allowance, pension, all sorts of pay or no paid leave can be set up in terms of the payroll formulas as per the state and local regulations. The labor cost comes up as the payroll are processed; 
-Auto synchronized payroll when there is personnel actions;  
-Accrual of all the accounts;  
-Applicable to all income tax regulations;  
-Data interface with bank report, tax report and secret payslip; 
-Flexible payroll reconciliation; 
-Payroll data interface generation for General Ledger. 

Paper less office solution with the enhanced office computerization. Cost saving and efficiency uphold in work by cutting both the utilization of paper and its traveling time. And environment friendly.

-Online duty roster, overtime and leave application, query amendment without working on paper form; 
-Online attendance checking, overtime and leave approval, free from running on paper; 
-Staff promotion, salary adjustment or transfers are done on line; 
-Prompt and accurate delivery of the important notice to each department; 
-Enable the department head to access to the employee I information of his own department. 

Efficient Multi-purposed card

-Staff ID card, Attendance punch card, Staff Meal Card, 3 purposes in 1 card. Auto - integration of duty rosters & punch records with duty meal. And Auto-integration of attendance with salary calculation; 
-Computerized duty rosters preset, attendance check automation (No more additional punch card), simply confirm and submit attendance records at month end. Check attendance against punch records, print variance report, return to department for review and confirm, and ultimate for payroll calculation; 
-Using staff ID cards for duty meals at staff canteen (Exempted from the meal coupon). Auto reconciliation of the punch record for meal taking and the preset duty meal plan. Either the detailed meal-taking variance report or duty meal cover report is available. 

Other Unique Features and Functions

-Parameterized design. Free user-right at the discretion of coordinator/administrators as per the job description; 
-Flexible Self-define fields and formulas; 
-Interfacing with ID card printer for staff ID card printing; 
-Spacious rooms for upgrade; 
-Multi-months data can be in one report; 
-Both Breakdown and Summary Report are at the user's option.  

Advantages of Browser Platform

-Unlimited numbers of user or locations. Users who have the access to the hotel LAN or Internet (VPN included) are accessible to the system; 
-Lower hardware requirement. No installation and setting to the workstation. CPU Pentium and IE 5 above are good enough to run; 
-Easy maintenance or upgrading, which both happen on server only, without shutting off and resetting on client's terminal; 
-Use HTTP, easy to browse. Pages been browsed are linked and returnable; 
-User friendly. Users have the some experience on a WEB will be easy to know to how. No need to learn any technology in addition.