-Using the computer, network, communication, multimedia and other advanced technology, especially using the popular Internet technology in recent years to collect and process the internal and external information in high-speed and accurately. 
-B/S structure is introduced, the system software needs server installation only, do not need to install clients, which effectively reduces the cost and simplify the management. 
-Classification of management, three-layer framework improves the system concurrent processing capacity and safety effectively. 
-Hotel can remote access hotel purchasing inventory cost control system. 
-Provides the solutions of multi-properties cost control and management to many groups. 


-Using structural system analysis method and modular design totake the lead in realizing the advanced cost accounting method: FIFO, and implement various departmental cost control management concept in hotel and develop the pertinent system functions basing on hotel practical operation. All functional modules are connected together and affect eachother. In addition, it also improves the system integration, through the function module integration, significantly reduce manual data input, maximizing the data sharing. The administration of finance transforms from book-entry accounting to management accounting. 
-Realizing the advanced cost accounting method: FIFO,.provide more accurate cost analysis for hotels. 
-According to the hotel procedures to customize the approval process online, achieving the paperless office. 
-Flexible warehouse setup makes great convenience for cost accounting and accounting allocation. 
-Many sets of customized codes makes convenience for the interface of financial system. 
-Introducing the concept of zero inventory cost, the world leading cost control management concept. 
-Flexible reporting system provides a powerful tool for cost analysis. 
-The advanced idea, which is in line with the hotel management, of slow moving objects inquiry can quickly find that really slow moving objects. 


-The establishment of hotel Purchasing Inventory Cost Control System not only uses computers to replace the manual operation, but to reform the traditional cost management mode scientifically. It helps constructing the logical management framework, optimizing the business process, establishing the complete management system, while includes the management sciences such as operational research and cybernetics into the daily operation and making the management decisions. 
-Powerful reporting tools and penetrate inquires provide tools for the hotel cost analysis. 
-The interface of F&B system provides the data for better cost control. It can reduce inventory according to sales data or 
-provide the data analysis report for hotel cost control. 
-The recipe cost calculation, latest purchase price and suppliers list price provides the strong supporting for the hotel to make the purchasing decision. 
-Simple and straight-forward screen is friendly for hotel users to learn and operate the system operation easily.