Retail Solutions

Chain Store

Shiji provides branded chain stores with complete management solutions which can support both the direct selling and franchise systems.

Shopping Mall

By using interactive mobile applications to solve client end problems such as queue busting, difficulties in finding a parking space and cashless shopping, meanwhile it combines with diversified online marketing channels.

Department Store

The department store solution offering includes investment management system, ERP, CRM, visual counter system, mobile POS and cloud platform to help business reach their advantages and improve management efficiencies.


Provides system solutions for supermarket big and small to better support their core business.

Fresh and Grocery

As the last defense of fresh supermarket to resist the impact of online shopping, retailers exert more efforts on managing fresh products and even introduced the "farm to table" experience in the markets to attract more clients.

Convenient Store

The convenient store offering includes online and offline retail, group purchase, wholesale, 3rd party platform sales; completed financial analysis, control of franchisee account and the balance of the capital to help clients fully control the business operation status and spot any abnormal situations.

E-commerce Platform

The platform functions include multi-platform and management solutions for stores, products, orders, purchase, delivery, maintenance, storage, finance, membership and reporting.

Omni-channel Retailing

The solution integrates supply chain and internal resources, to achieve the target of seamless connection of membership, orders, storage, transportation, purchase, finance and data analysis.

Payment Integration

Utilizing the latest technology in the Shiji Payment Platform expand your payment offering from traditional payments to the latest disruptive payment methods.