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Travel & Hospitality Visuals Organized, Optimized and Distributed Everywhere

The focus of IcePortal is to streamline the image management and delivery process for lodging establishments with great technology, reliability, superior value and excellent people who support customers.

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Content Management

The most powerful Content Management and Distribution platform in the hospitality industry. Engineered and designed for travel suppliers like you, to easily manage and distribute visuals.

Custom Solutions

From creation of custom Facebook apps to hosting and delivery of 360 virtual tours and streaming videos, IcePortal delivers an array of tailored solutions, created for travel and hospitality clients.

Digital Asset Library

Fully integrated into IcePortal’s CMS is a powerful, easy to use, Digital Asset Library (DAL). The DAL has capabilities to authorize user access and to allow/restrict the sharing of digital assets.

A centralized portal to easily manage all your visuals and have them distributed to 1,000s of online channels

IcePortal is a technology company that curates and distributes your photos, videos, and virtual tours globally to thousands of travel sites, so you don’t have to. Our technology optimizes your digital content and provides recommendations for achieving higher content quality scores. The higher your score, the greater your visibility, the higher your conversion rates.

Are you spending countless hours optimizing (tagging, sizing, uploading images) content to numerous distributors? It’s time for a change. IcePortal has direct feeds to the top 20 travel sites (GDS and major OTA’s). Furthermore, as a client of IcePortal, IcePortal does not charge a distributor/OTA to integrate into the CMS platform.

As IcePortal continues to expand its global reach, more travellers and suppliers will have access to a larger audience and more options for booking reservation with OTA's. After years of producing great content, clients wanted a solution to distribute their 360 virtual tours and videos to online distribution channels. In 2004 the Internet Content Exchange (ICE) Portal was born to help our customers manage and deliver all their visual content to online travel sites.

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