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Roseate Hotels & Resorts

The key to providing luxury service on the guests’ terms through technology

Free to serve: how technology supports Roseate Hotels & Resorts

Have you ever dreamed of starting a new luxury hotel brand? 

Roseate Hotels is a case study of what it looks like to do this successfully. In just a few short years, the brand has opened 6 luxury hotels in India and the U.K. that consistently top guest satisfaction charts - and more hotels are in the pipeline.

Roseate Hotels CEO Kush Kapoor recently spoke with us about what he learned from his own journey to hospitality leadership, the process of launching a new luxury brand, and how technology supports the brand’s operating philosophy. 

From housekeeper to CEO: Kush Kapoor’s journey to leadership 

Kapoor has worked in nearly every job available in hospitality, making him uniquely qualified to speak about what it takes to run an effective hotel operation. “I’ve found it to be a fascinating journey,” he told us. 

After starting as a housekeeping attendant, he moved back to his hometown in North India, joining a new brand as a dishwasher and waiter before joining Taj Hotels as a receptionist. “I grew a lot in that organization,” he recalled, moving between cities as he took on new roles at other companies with increasing responsibilities. 

One of those roles was opening one of the biggest hotels in India for the Leela Group, a luxury brand. This led to him winning the “Innovative Hotelier of the Year” award from Hoteliers India and earned him the opportunity to open the first hotel for Roseate Hotels as general manager. From there, he was promoted to regional manager, and finally to CEO at the company, his current role. 

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Roseate Hotels & Resorts
Release Date:
July 2022
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