Hetras, with New Brand Identity, to Integrate with Shiji Group


(1 August, 2017, Munich, Germany)Hetras is pleased to reveal its new logo, part of the visual brand identity update.

According to Hauke Lenthe, Executive Vice President of Hetras, “We have been on a fantastic trajectory with our mother company, Shiji, and, by introducing Hetras to Asia Pacific, are becoming an increasingly important part of their business. We are bringing new products to Europe, like Shiji Distribution and Payment Services, as well as new interface technologies and a cloud-based Point of Sale. Now it’s time for our brand to embody the company we have become.”


Shiji´s driving goal is to create a data-driven economy and cloud-based environ-ment, in order to serve their customers in the best possible way.


“This is the reason we acquired Hetras last year in August,” says Kevin King, COO of Shiji. “We wanted to have a company incorporated in Shiji that has the ability to thrive in a digital environment, as well as having forward thinking, human-centered technology. We also went through a transition phase at the beginning of this year and want now to present our different technology’s brands under the unified umbrella of Shiji. We are expanding into the US and Europe, in order to be also recognized outside the Asia Pacific area,” King adds.


About Hetras

Hetras is a hotel management system comprising a cloud-based property management system, self-check-in app, booking engine, channel manager and state-of-the-art open API that future proofs your hotel’s technology. Hetras is a Shiji Group brand and part of the wide-ranging open hotel and travel technology ecosystem. Being part of the Shiji Group strengthens Hetras’ integration with Shiji’s travel and hospitality technology eco-system, ranging from point of sale systems which include hardware and software to enterprise payment processing systems.


For more information on Hetras, contact:

Astrid Neumann, astrid.neumann@hetras.com ;

+49 89 716718510