Shiji Accounting System, the leading financial management software in China, is combined with the outstanding advantages of domestic and foreign financial software. With modern financial management functions and characteristics of domestic high star-rated hotel in design, it is strictly in accordance with the clauses of General Rules Governing Enterprise Financial Affairs and Accounting Standards for Enterprises. With that, it is an advanced, systematic and scientific and growing financial management software. 

Accounting process is the core of financial management. Accounting process together with other subsystems constitutes of an effective integration of network management and covers all business activities of the hotel. It reflects the hotel economic activities completely and accurately. Meanwhile, accounting process system is a large database, which stores vast financial information, serving the foundation for the high-level financial analysis system.

These subsystems include chart of account setting, vouchers processing, accounting, reporting functions, etc. Through the system integration, make full use of various information to generate the Journal Voucher with revenues, accounts payable, cost and taxes chart of accounts, complete vouchers printing, summary and accounting work, output the financial statement, such as general ledger, subsidiary ledger, the account payable, bank account, compile various books, such as the fixed custom of analysis reports of P&L, balance sheet, etc.

The system maximizes the working efficiency by making the financial staff be free from repeated workload, which is a crucial step to develop the book-entry accounting into management accounting.

-The direct interface with the operating system leads to eliminating the error by manual input and enhancement of the working efficiency. 
-Accounts payable module provides the pithy and fast account allocation function and various forms of ageing reports. 
-The introduction of the concept of chart of account analysis provides various flexible fast statement analysis methods for general ledger. 
-The reporting tool that combined with the Excel provides solutions to custom flexible and convenient reports.  
-The procedure of automatic allocation journal importing improves hotel staff working efficiency greatly. 
-The establishment of hotel finance system not only uses computers to replace the manual operation, but also reforms the traditional scientific financial management mode scientifically. It helps constructing the logical management framework, optimizing the business process, establishing the complete management system, while includes the management sciences such as operational research and cybernetics into the daily operation and making the management decisions.Powerful reporting tools and penetrate inquires provide tools for the hotel finance analysis.The reconciliation of multiple sets of budgets, forecast and actual ledger enables hotel finance department to part in hotel management decisions