Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service

The Oracle Hospitality OPERA hotel technology suite is the world’s most popular hotel management platform, and Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service is the most sophisticated and comprehensive version of the property management system. It provides all the tools that hotel staff require to carry out their jobs—from handling reservations to checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, managing room inventory, accommodating in- house guest needs, and performing accounting and billing functions. Available on premises, it also offers integration with the Oracle Hospitality solution for food and beverage, providing the best possible foundation for a modern hotel operation.

  • Full-Featured Set for a Five-Star Guest Experience

    Eight out of 10 of the world’s top hotel groups rely on Oracle Hospitality OPERA products to help them deliver an outstanding experience to each and every guest, while maximizing operational efficiency in every area of their businesses. Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service provides the most comprehensive property management functionality, giving you access to more than 150 functions within the Oracle Hospitality OPERA suite, making it ideal for hotels and resorts that want to offer a specialized, five-star service to their guests.

  • Consistently Deliver Outstanding Guest Experiences

    With its powerful database and rich functionality, Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service enables you to deliver a personalized experience to all guests, ensuring that their preferences are recorded and that hotel staff can quickly access this information whenever a guest returns to your hotel.

  • Maximize Revenues with Rate Management

    Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service offers the most complete rate management functionality to hotels, allowing you to adapt your rates to suit your business and the ever-changing circumstances that you operate in. From managing complex negotiated rates in business hotels through apartment-style billing for long stay accommodation, Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service simplifies rate management, ensuring that you can give your revenue teams the very best tools to meet business objectives. The application also makes it easy for reservations teams to identify appropriate rates for customers and cross- and up-selling opportunities to maximize revenues.

  • Create Successful Distribution Strategies

    Hoteliers today have a broad range of options when it comes to attracting guests: online travel agents, global distribution systems for reaching corporate customers, options for metasearch, as well as accepting bookings through their own websites. Managing all these channels and updating rates and availability can present a significant challenge; with the Oracle Hospitality OPERA technology platform, you can automate the process to maximize the efficiency of your distribution strategy while maximizing results.

  • Increase Housekeeping Efficiency

    By taking advantage of the room management features in Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service, hotel employees can handle all facets of room super- vision—including availability, housekeeping, maintenance, and facility management.

  • Improve Business Performance with Reports

    The reporting functionality within Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service enables you to run reports that provide real business insight to your key metrics. The system offers more than 300 standard reports, incorporating both forecasts and historical data.

  • Integrate Food and Beverage Operations

    The food and beverage facilities within your hotel can contribute significantly to your revenues. Ensuring that your restaurants and bars run efficiently to maximize guest satisfaction and profitability is essential. Oracle Hospitality also offers industry-leading point-of-sale and kitchen management solutions that integrate with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service, giving you simplified reporting and billing.

  • Increase Efficiency with Fully Integrated Systems

    Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service can be integrated with a variety of additional modules and third-party systems to help you achieve operational efficiency and minimize manual administration. From applications for event management and loyalty programs to interoperability with leisure and financial systems, Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service enables you to build an integrated technology infrastructure to support your business.

  • Engage Guests with Mobile Technology

    Mobile technology is changing the way that businesses interact with their customers. The Oracle Hospitality OPERA technology platform enables you to extend your systems to mobile devices. By putting your property management system onto tablets, you can release staff from behind the front desk, reduce queues at busy times, further improve housekeeping, and bring a whole new level of service to VIP guests with check-in at airports or other locations en route to the hotel.

  • Empower Your Staff

    To consistently deliver an outstanding guest experience, you need to give your staff access to systems that perform all day, every day and provide accurate customer and hotel information. Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service is used by thousands of hotels around the world, which means that the employees you hire will be familiar with the application, allowing you to focus more training time on the quality of service rather than on systems.

  • Expand with Multi property Support

    Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service is ideal for hotel operators that have more than one property, with the ability to scale to thousands of hotels worldwide. Hotel groups also have the flexibility of implementing Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Premium Service in their five-star hotels, while using Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Standard Service or Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Lite Service as the technology platform for midrange and budget brands.

  • Rest Assured with Security and Payment Card Industry Compliance

    As you would expect from Oracle and the world’s leading hotel management platform, system security is always a priority. This is not always the case for other technology vendors. For example, many do not offer compliance with Payment Card Industry standards, which means you must complete a lengthy audit process yourself with systems that might not pass. Working with Oracle Hospitality saves you time and money and helps to protect the integrity of your reputation and your brand.


    • Access to more than 150 functions 
    • Reservations 
    • Profiles management 
    • Front desk module 
    • Cashiering module 
    • Rooms management 
    • Accounting for complimentary services 
    • Accounts receivable 
    • Back-office interface 
    • Commissions 
    • Reports 
    • Quick keys 
    • Deliver outstanding guest experiences all day, every day 
    • Increase revenues through systematic control of rates 
    • Maximize occupancy with integrated distribution management 
    • Create and assign housekeeping sections on demand 
    • Integrate with food and beverage and other systems for simplified billing and reporting