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Software solutions that help global chains and independent hotels increase revenue and guest experiences by improving operations and guest communications.​​​​​​

Shiji Guest Solutions

Solutions for Every Stage of
The Guest Journey

Shiji Guest Solutions builds guest facing products to improve the digital guest experience and increase revenue. Providing the industry with innovative technology to analyse guest experience feedback, improve communications, manage requests and a lot more.

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Digital Transformation for Your Guests

Great guest experiences have always been delivered by great hoteliers. In the 21st century, guest experience is also supported by robust technology solutions. From online check-in and checkout, to messaging or guest feedback analysis, the Shiji Guest Solutions division provides tools that help hoteliers better understand and delight guests, drive growth, and secure revenue. With over 60,000 global accommodation providers using Shiji Guest Solutions products, a world class service and support team, there is a solution for every hotel.

We Serve Hotels

From independent hotels to enterprise or global brands, we help your business prioritise operational and service improvements to grow revenue. Choose from our leading guest feedback management solution Shiji ReviewPro, our Guest Communications solution or Shiji Digital Stay and Shiji Digital Dine solutions. All our guest facing products are built to improve the experience at your property, increase rankings on OTAs, outperform competitors, and drive RevPAR growth.


Restaurants & Dine Services

Improve the dining experience for your clients with digital menus, pre-ordering, on-device payments, and room charge. Improve your restaurant operations by understanding and incorporating guest feedback management through ReviewPro for restaurants. Designed by hospitality experts, we build solutions that enable individual restaurants or chains to boost ratings, and increase revenue.


Global Destinations

Our powerful visitor analytics in Shiji ReviewPro provides data for DMO’s, star rating associations, tourism organisations, and national awards programs. Guest intelligence feedback helps to benchmark on a city, regional or national level, identify areas of improvement, and build results-driven travel & tourism strategies using data on hotels, restaurants and attractions to understand a destination’s online reputation performance and take action that drives economic growth.



As traveler needs and expectations evolve, ensure your hostel stays competitive by harnessing the powerful suite of guest centric solutions in offered by Shiji Guest Solutions. Rave reviews ensure you stay on top of OTAs and review sites.


Serviced Apartments

Prioritize your operations, guest communication, and guest needs across your serviced apartment brand. Use Shiji ReviewPro to gather valuable guest feedback data to guide your investments and refurbishments. Provide the latest digital technology so guests can be fully independent and enjoy a seamless experience to keep them coming back.


Owners & Investors

With Shiji ReviewPro you can safeguard hotel investment decisions by leveraging review analytics to see how a property has performed. Effectively evaluate investment opportunities, calculate valuations, and perform more complex and efficient deal analysis. Detailed quantitative & qualitative analysis on a property, brand or chain level means that hotel owners and investors can gain a competitive advantage on assets (property, brand or chain level) and deliver better investment returns.


Management & Representation Companies

Make data-backed evaluations for individual hotel investments, management portfolios, new markets or existing portfolios of properties under your management by leveraging quantitative & qualitative analysis on a property, brand, or chain level. Implement operational improvements and assign CAPEX based on data to improve service standards and deliver superior results for real estate investors, ownership groups, and publicly-traded REITs.


Independent Consultants & Advisors

Shiji ReviewPro's powerful guest analytics and data makes the difference when it comes to client proposals, business development plans and reports. Set yourself up for success by evaluating market trends, tracking performance and identifying new opportunities to differentiate the value of your services and ensure your clients’ profit.


Our Customers

Shiji Guest Solutions is proud to partner with some of the world's best hotel brands, providing them and all our customers with secure and innovative technology.

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