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Kempinski Hotels and Shiji grow partnership Signing Global Master Service Agreement

Following many years of good relationships, Kempinski Hotels has agreed to expand the business partnership with Shiji to further enhance their technology solutions.

Berlin, Germany. February 27, 2023 – Shiji, the global hospitality innovator, has announced that Kempinski Hotels signed a Global Master Service Agreement to strengthen their partnership and increase the number of Shiji solutions available to the luxury group.

The leading luxury hotel group has been using Shiji products such as Shiji Distribution Solutions and Shiji ReviewPro for many years. With the expansion of the service agreement, the group is adding Shiji’s Infrasys Cloud POS to their hotel technology portfolio.  

Shiji's Infrasys Cloud POS has been selected as one of Kempinski's preferred point-of-sale solutions because of its advanced features and capabilities, central management, cloud-based architecture, superior support and experience with global hotel brands. The hotel group’s intention of adding a cloud POS and benefiting from advanced support with Shiji is to optimize their staff’s hours with guests and increase overall service quality.

“As a global luxury hotel group we want our teams to focus less on technology and more on our guests. We are here to ensure our guests have an excellent experience and look to exceed their expectations. To do that we need to find the right technology partners that have advanced solutions designed to improve the quality of workfor our associates so they in turn can increase the quality of work for our guests. Shiji’s Infrasys Cloud POS meets these criteria,” said Riko Van Santen, Chief Information Officer at Kempinski. 

Infrasys Cloud POS is in use in many of the largest luxury hotel groups in the world and is known for its reliability and superior support.

“We are honored to be selected by Kempinski Hotels again. This marks a new era for our partnership with the leading hotel group as we continue to explore ways to help our partners achieve their goals. Exceptional service and support have been the hallmarks of Shiji for decades. If Kempinski Hotels’ staff can be serviced well, we know they will have more time to service their guests.” said Kevin King, Chief Operations Officer at Shiji. 


About Shiji 

Shiji is a multi-national technology company that provides software solutions and services for enterprise companies in the hospitality, food service, retail and entertainment industries, ranging from hospitality technology platform, hotel management solutions, food and beverageand retail systems, payment gateways, data management, online distribution and more. Founded in 1998 as a network solutions provider for hotels, Shiji Group today comprises over 5,000 employees in 80+ subsidiaries and brands in over 23 countries, serving more than 91,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants and 600,000 retail outlets. For more information, visit


About Kempinski

Created in 1897, Kempinski Hotels is Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group. Kempinski’s rich heritage of impeccable personal service and superb hospitality is complemented by the exclusivity and individuality of its properties. Today the Kempinski Group operates 82 hotels and residences in 36countries and currently has more than 26 prestigious projects under development around the globe. Each five-star hotel reflects the strength and success of the Kempinski brand without losing sight of its heritage; each one imbues the quality guests have come to expect from Kempinski while embracing the cultural traditions of its location. The portfolio comprises historic landmark properties, award-winning urban lifestyle hotels, outstanding resorts and prestigious residences. Kempinski is a founding member of the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands”.

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