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Shiji Appoints Ryan King as Senior Vice President for the Americas

Shiji appoints Ryan King as Senior Vice President for the Americas, reinforcing their commitment to strengthen their presence in the region and provide cutting-edge technology solutions for hotel chains.

ATLANTA, Georgia, USA, June 8, 2023 – Shiji, the global hospitality technology innovator, announced today that Ryan King has been appointed Senior Vice President for the Shiji Americas. This reinforces Shiji’s commitment to strengthening its presence across the American continents, particularly in light of the successful collaboration with global hotel chains in these regions.

With an extensive career in the hotel industry, including within hotels, in global distribution companies and in the Property Management Systems (PMS) industry, Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role. Having held prominent positions in some of the world's largest hotel technology companies, including his previous role at Shiji as the Senior Director of Global Strategy, Ryan has gained extensive insights into both the vendor and hotel sides of the business. His deep understanding of the industry and vast knowledge of Shiji’s products will play a crucial role in shaping Shiji’s strategy to provide cutting-edge technology solutions for large hotel chains across the Americas.

"Ryan's extensive experience in the hospitality industry makes him uniquely qualified for this role," says Kevin King, Chief Operating Officer at Shiji. "His distinguished career and comprehensive understanding of the industry dynamics will be instrumental in driving our commitment to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to large hotel chains across the Americas. We are confident that Ryan's appointment will further solidify our position in the market and with our customers."

Ryan King's key mandate will be to further grow both North and South American markets, scaling service, support, sales, and marketing efforts to meet the growing demand.

"Cultivating strong partnerships and driving innovation in the Americas' hospitality industry has always been my passion. I am honored to be appointed as the Senior Vice President for the Americas and to lead the charge in expanding the reach of Shiji’s advanced hotel technology solutions. With our cloud-based solutions, we have an incredible opportunity to revolutionize operations, elevate guest experiences, and unlock new avenues for revenue growth for our partners in the Americas," said Ryan King, Senior Vice President of Shiji Americas.


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