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Shiji’s Concept Spa & Golf Brings Leisure Management Efficiency to German Hotels and Resorts

Shiji announces that its leading reservation management software for the leisure and club industry, Concept Spa and Golf, is now available in Germany.

Berlin, Germany, February 28, 2023 – Shiji, the global hospitality innovator, has announced that its product Concept is now available in Germany, thereby expanding its presence in Northern Europe. 

Concept Spa & Golf provides golf and activity reservation management software solutions for global enterprise hotels and resorts. For over 25 years, Concept has offered a comprehensive reservation management product in 58 countries that includes solutions to manage every aspect of a Golf, Spa, or Leisure operation. Integration with the German Tax Authority will allow Concept to expand its reach in the German market and provide customers with increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and streamlined operations.

This new development is part of Shiji's ongoing commitment to providing its customers with the most comprehensive and up-to-date solutions in the market. In addition to Concept Spa & Golf, Shiji's portfolio includes the Shiji Enterprise Platform (a property management system) and Infrasys (a point-of-sale system). When combined with Concept, these products provide a comprehensive solution for hotels and resorts of all sizes and locations.

"We are excited to announce this new development for Concept Spa & Golf in the German market," said Wolfgang Emperger, Shiji’s Senior Vice President of Europe, Africa and UK. "This long-awaited integration with the German Tax Authority will allow us to bring our comprehensive reservation management solution to a wider audience, and we are looking forward to helping hotels and resorts in Germany improve their operations."

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