Leading Hotel Information Systems into the Future

Shiji has had an exciting journey in the past two decades, growing and innovating to keep up with market evolution, not only in China but globally. From the early years when Shiji was the premier network system supplier in China to becoming a hotel system technology service provider to becoming an outright software vendor, Shiji’s journey has been exciting.

Li Zhongchu
— Li Zhongchu. Founder, Chairman, President, Controlling Shareholder at Shiji
 Li Zhongchu. Founder, Chairman, President, Controlling Shareholder at Shiji

High-End Service for High-End Businesses

Today, Shiji is responsible for 60%-70% of the market share of China's hotel information systems for the high-end sector of hotel and retail industries, and possesses a leading position in the catering industry. The estimated annual revenue of Shiji clients are as high as
5 trillion RMB. That scale created for us the foundation to evolve from software vendor to platform operator.

And with over a dozen international subsidiaries in the Shiji ecosystem, we’re developing a truly unique offering for hospitality, retail, entertainment, and F&B businesses, whether they’re in Beijing, Boston, Berlin, or Budapest.

Alongside that, we’re excited to promote our application service platform business globally, sharing with the world our vision for a connected, innovative and secure big data application service platform that works for the entirety of consumer industries.

Throughout all this, our mission hasn’t changed: Making business more efficient, a message embodied in our core values of respect, trust, integrity, and exceeding expectations.

What's Next

As we look to the future, we have our sights on the global marketplace. We’re investing further in new hotel-related data technology products and companies that are or have the potential to be market leaders. Shiji will take advantage of its established core information system in hotel, catering, and retail industries to extend and connect vertically and horizontally, to further integrate solutions for business needs. This will meet the market trend of the flattening of technology across industries, markets, and verticals.

By investing in hotel data technology companies, we can establish a global data platform that will be able to provide services and other data-enabled solutions to hospitality businesses around the world. The successful development of new leading hotel, catering, and retail cloud systems and quick migration of existing customers to the cloud systems will be key to success.

Shiji hopes to become the world's leading consumer application service platform operator that, driven by big data. We are no doubt looking forward to what lies ahead for Shiji and the global hospitality industry.

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