Shiji Digital Stay

The mobile-first check-in, checkout, and pay solution designed to reduce wait and improve guest experience for hotels of any size.

Shiji Digital Stay

Improving Guest Experiences

Shiji Digital Stay is a mobile-first digital check-in and checkout solution built to reduce wait times, improve operations, and enhance guest experiences. Your guests can enjoy a smoother check in, view details about their reservation whilst on site, and simply check out and leave at their own pace when their stay is over. It supports hotel staff by reducing queues and manual work from the arrival process, it enables guests to manage their own stay, and hosts powerful analytics to provide insights on guest behavior and track success.

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Digital check-in and checkout

Let guests beat queues and help staff save time at reception by pre-filling the registration form and providing mobile-first check-in and checkout.

Multiple Delivery channels

Leverage multiple message delivery channels (WhatsApp, SMS or email) to amplify your reach and increase conversion. With secure delivery rules to ensure the message always reaches your guest.

Powerful user analytics

Gain data insights into guests’ behavior and understand how to improve strategies to increase conversion and ROI, with an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Two-way Pms integration

Encourage adoption with a convenient check-in process that includes pre-filled guest information. Thanks to the two-way integration, updated guest information is fed back to the PMS.

User-friendly experience

With a no-code approach, hoteliers can enjoy a quick, efficient, and fully branded roll-out, with no need for external support or developer. 

Personalized communications

Reach the right guest at the right time via the right channel with segmentation. Automate communications and room ready alerts to delight your guests.

Digital Transformation of The Guest Experience

Shiji Digital Stay meets the growing need for digitisation within hospitality. At a time when guests want to drive their experience in a personalised and efficient manner directly from their own device, hotels need to provide guest-centric, mobile-first technology to meet guest expectations. Shiji Digital Stay offers an efficient, personalised and fully integrated approach to reducing wait times and improving the guest experience during hotel check-in, checkout, and payment, benefiting both guest and hotelier.

Elevate Hotel Operations

Transform front desk operations, reduce manual and repetitive work, alleviate staff, and cut queues with a digitized, guest-led check-in and checkout application.


Enhance Your Guests' Experience

Free up time for your guests by facilitating on-the-go access to reservation details, mobile check-in and checkout, and payments, all from the device that's already with them.


Personalize the Stay

From dynamic form creation to segmented messaging via multichannel delivery, a personalized approach benefits the hotel and improves guest experience, every time.


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