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Shiji Payment Solutions
Shiji Payment Solutions

About Shiji Payment Solutions

With over a decade in the Payments Industry, Shiji has collaborated with banks and merchants of all kinds to provide cutting-edge, scalable, and secure payment solutions. And in working with various leading industry system providers, Shiji has become the leading payment solution provider in Mainland China. The technology is now deployed globally with R&D resources around the world in Shiji offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific to further enhance  solutions and localize functionalities and features.

Shiji Payment Solutions
24/7 Support

Shiji Platform Services and After-Sales teams offer 24/7 support for IT support, accounts registration, consolidation, and  reconciliation, and marketing activities.

global processing partner portfolio

Shiji has payment connections to the largest payment processors in China, North America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and Australia & New Zealand.

open api architecture

One connection from any business system can connect the Shiji Payment platform to a range of payment solutions and merchants with minimal  effort. 

Credit Card Processing

Use Shiji Payment Solutions to connect with a desired payment acquirer - directly with a payment acquirer or process the payment through the Shiji Payment Interface.

Tokenization management

Shiji's system uses token proxies to better process bookings and data exchange with major OTAs and booking platforms, adding an additional level of security.

Disruptive PAYMENTS

Shiji Payment Solutions is integrated with many forward-thinking payment processors like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and many more.

Why Shiji Payment Solutions

Shiji Payment Solutions is a modern, flexible, truly global platform for payment processing and data switching. The modular design allows customers to quickly add processing partners and payment devices, providing access to a portfolio of global processing partners, as well as a wide range of payment devices and payment features and functionalities, such as tokenization, Pay at Table, and other traditional and disruptive payment methods. Implementation options include on-premise and private or public cloud deployments. Shiji Payment Solution's platform integrates with all existing Shiji front-end management systems and business applications enabling more efficient workflows and more powerful, flexible business operations.

A Many-to-Many Platform

Shiji's Payment Solutions platform allows for world-class functionality. Integrated with business systems, payment aquirers, payment devices, new disruptive wallets, and Shiji's own suite of front-end business systems, Shiji Payment Solutions is already meeting the business needs of customers in China, North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Shiji Payment Solutions - a many to may platform

Flexibly Modular

The modular design of Shiji Payment Solutions allows for excellent flexibility, whatever the business need may be. The Shiji Payment Interface integrates with all Shiji-connected front-end business systems (Infrasys POS, Concept, and more) and manages connectivity to payment devices or PIN Pads. Shiji Payment Solutions is a platform of payment solutions for transaction switching, configuration, storage and reporting, including centralized logging and monitoring.

Shiji Payment Solutions - Flexibly Modular

Credit Card Processing

Shiji has multiple options for businesses when it comes to credit card processing. Use Shiji Payment Solutions to connect with a desired payment acquirer or process the payment through Shiji payment interface, connected with a desired payment acquirer.

Shiji Payment Solutions - credit card processing

Tokenization Management

Shiji Payment Solutions tokenization system uses token proxies to better process bookings and data exchange with major OTAs and booking platforms, adding an additional level of security.

Years In Business
business partners
disruptive wallet integrations


Payment systems are only as good as their integrations with local and international systems. Shiji Payment Solutions is widely integrated into most of the major banks and payment services. Here are just a few of them:

Bank of China
Bank of East Asia
Commonwealth Bank
Currency Select
First Data
Merchant Link
Oracle Hospitality
Payment Express
Quest Payment Systems
WeChat Pay

Support and Operations

Shiji's dedicated Platform Services Team and After-Sales Call Center are readily available to support customers, channels, and partners with technical support, accounts registration, accounts consolidation, accounts reconciliation, and marketing activities. Through Shiji's international presence and regional offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Shiji can provide a true 24/7 Support structure for all clients.

Shiji Distribution - Beyond Traditional Distribution


To make a great payment solution, one needs excellent partners and customers. Shiji Payment Solutions has the benefit of being one of the most connected systems, not just in China, but around the world.

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