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With a history that dates back to 1778 The Greenbrier is a United States National Historic Landmark and world class luxury resort in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia Year after year, the area’s natural mineral springs have continued to draw visitors In addition to natural mineral springs, the 11 000 acre retreat offers a plethora of activities including golf, spa services, horseback riding, fitness lessons, bowling, kayaking, fine dining, retail shopping, and a 103 000 square foot casino and entertainment venue No matter your preferences, The Greenbrier has entertainment options for everyone.

Throughout its 710 rooms, which includes 33 suites and 96 estate homes, The Greenbrier has hosted many renowned guests from around the world, including Presidents, royalty, celebrities, and top business leaders This stunning resort also boasts more than 40 meeting rooms and a complete conference center facility


After a recent property management system upgrade, The Greenbrier wanted to move to a new payment platform offered by a different payment vendor than what they were currently using.

Once the team started looking into purchasing this payment platform, they were told that they would have to upgrade their PMS yet again This step was required in order for the most up to date payment interface to connect to the new payment platform that they desired.


The Greenbrier knew that they had to find someone to help. After learning about Shiji Professional Services, The Greenbrier presented the Shiji Professional Services team with the challenge they were facing, performing another costly PMS upgrade with a short deadline.

In order to gain first-hand knowledge of the resort’s situation, the Shiji Professional Services team sent a Technical Manager to visit the site. The Technical Manager was tasked with completing a full assessment and audit of The Greenbrier’s technology stack.

After the on-site evaluation, the Technical Manager compiled and presented the research to the broader Shiji Professional Services team. Quickly, the team worked to put together a plan of action that would save the resort time and money while delivering a successful solution.

The Shiji team presented their recommendations, with clear guidance, to the resort. The plan was to upgrade. The Greenbrier’s PMS to the latest compliant version which would allow for connectivity to the new payment platform. Shiji Professional Services then installed the appropriate add-ons which allowed the new payment platform vendor to seamlessly integrate with The Greenbrier’s PMS.

Mike Keatley, Director of IT at The Greenbrier expressed his appreciation for the support and services provided by the Shiji Professional Services team.

“We were very pleased with Shiji’s solution to our problem as they found a cost effective and timely solution. We appreciated Shiji’s professionalism and directness about the changes that were needed to truly make the project successful. With around-the-clock support, Shiji Professional Services provided an incredible amount of support for our hotel’s technical needs. While upgrading our system and installing add-ons, they also took the time clean up our back up database and make sure that it was performing correctly."


After working with Shiji Professional Services, The Greenbrier successfully upgraded their PMS and was able to integrate with the new payment platform they desired. All of this was done within the given timeframe, and at minimal costs to the resort.With Shiji’s work, The Greenbrier has been able to operate smoothly, and benefit from their new payment platform through increased payment efficiency. Not to mention, the resort has peace of mind knowing that their back up database is clean and running properly.

Scott McGraw, Director of Sales for Shiji Professional Services commented on the success of the implementation at The Greenbrier.

“Shiji Professional Services is able to provide hoteliers with unique solutions to their needs given the diversity of services that we offer. We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with top-of-the-line solutions, and white glove customer service from small independent hotels to large brands."
"Shiji Professional Services provided our hotel with the highest level of customer service and successfully found a solution for us on such short notice. We look forward to working with them again when we have future technology needs," said Keatley.

About Shiji Group

Shiji Group provides software solutions and services for the hospitality, food service, retail and entertainment industries, ranging from hotel management solutions, to food and beverage and retail systems, payment gateways, data management, online distribution and more. Founded in 1998 as a network solutions provider for hotels, Shiji Group today comprises 5,000 employees in 70+ subsidiaries and brands, serving over 74,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants and 600,000 retail outlets.

About The Greenbrier

Located amid the breathtaking mountains of West Virginia, The Greenbrier is a National Historic Landmark and world-class resort that has been welcoming guests from around the world since 1778. The natural mineral springs that drew our first guests over 235 years ago continue to lure visitors to our 11,000 acre luxury retreat today. With a guest list that includes 27 of our country’s 45 Presidents, America’s Resort has long been a favorite destination of royalty, celebrities and business leaders.

The Greenbrier

About Shiji Group

Shiji Group is a multinational technology company that provides software solutions and services for enterprise companies in the hospitality, food service, retail, and entertainment industries, ranging from hospitality technology platforms, hotel management solutions, food and beverage, and retail systems, payment gateways, data management, online distribution and more. Founded in 1998 as a network solutions provider for hotels, Shiji Group today comprises over 5,000 employees in 80+ subsidiaries and brands in over 23 countries, serving more than 91,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants, and 600,000 retail outlets.

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The Greenbrier
Release Date:
August 2020
Professional Services
Technology Consulting & Implementation.
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