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Point-of-Sale software

Experience the next generation platform servicing the food & beverage industry, built from the ground up for the cloud.

IT services

Optimized F&B solutions to help restaurants  elevate guest experience through better, connected technology.

Restaurant and Kitchen Tech

From POS hardware to kitchen printers and screens, we offer a one-stop shop for restaurants and chains designed for heavy duty use.

payment solutions

Payment solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing workflows to increase payment speed and security.

inventory management

We offer software that improves control of purchasing and inventory for restaurants of all sizes.

e-commerce systems

Online pre-ordering systems and in-store electronic ordering applications for customers to reduce waiting time and increase revenue.


Since August of 2017, Shiji’s Point-of-Sale (POS) product support team has been working on upgrading Starbucks’s POS software system in over 3,000 stores in China. The project covers software in Starbucks’s many stores across the country and includes providing all-weather technical support for POS products in the company’s headquarters and individual stores.

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