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Cloud & Mobile PMS

PMSs are a fundamental tool for hospitality businesses. We offer multiple PMS solutions depending on your needs.

F&B Technology

F&B is an important part of any hospitality business, so our F&B system, Infrasys, is fully integrated with your greater tech network.


Shiji Distribution Solutions is a leading connectivity solution whether you're looking for a connectivity switch, a channel manager, or something else.

Ancillary services management

We have best in class solutions to manage ancillary services in hotels such as golf, spa and more.


Process payments with newfound efficiency with Shiji Payments, a seamless part of your future-proof system.

Data management 

Data is today's gold. Make sure you stay on top of your data and make the most of it with SnapShot.

Shiji Professional Services - PMS & POS Professional Services

PMS & POS Professional Services

Consulting and supporting leading proprietary and third-party hotel and restaurant technologies across the world.

Snapshot - Hospitality's Data Platform - Shiji group

Hospitality's Data Platform

Hospitality's premier data platform. Connecting, harmonizing, visualizing and analyzing data for leaders in the industry.

Horwath - Hotel Consulting Services - Shiji group

Hotel Consulting Services

Horwatch HTL offers hospitality businesses deep industry insight and  advice from every angle of real estate, development, and tourism.

Cambridge Cloud PMS

Cambridge Cloud PMS

An intelligent cloud solution for hotel management.

Greater China and Asia Pacific
XR - Coud-based PMS - Shiji group

Cloud-based PMS

Leading Chinese mobile and cloud PMS systems for the next generation of hotelier in China.

Pegasus PMS System shiji group

PMS System

Software developer specializing in property management systems (PMS) for the hotel, restaurant and entertainment industries for over 20 years.

Baoku - Corporate Travel Planning - Shiji group

Corporate Travel Planning

Corporate travel expenses and supply chain management experts.  Baoku Online provides cloud-based multi-terminal SaaS applications.

Shiji Accounting - Hotel Accounting Software

Hotel Accounting Software

The leading financial management software in China, combined with the outstanding advantages of domestic Chinese and international financial software.

Shiji Human Resources - Human Resource Software

Human Resource Software

The leading hospitality Human Resources Management Software in mainland China.

Shiji Purchasing - Purchasing & Inventory Management

Purchasing & Inventory Management

The leading cost control management software in China, offers the best of both Chinese and international cost control systems.

Kunlun - Hotel Groups Solutions - Shiji group

Hotel Groups Solutions

Central marketing platform for high end hotel groups to integrate operational and marketing resouces into an efficient system improving operational management capabilities.

Kunlun - Smart Hotel Tools - Shiji group

Smart Hotel Tools

Hotel software development, software customization, and software implementation for China and beyond.

Tombolo Talasso Resort

Elevating luxury hospitality with Shiji ReviewPro to drive guest satisfaction and ratings, boost conversion rates, and more.

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