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New Shiji Product Wheel Released for 2023 to introduce Shiji Guest Solutions

Shiji’s main product solutions are represented on the traditional Shiji wheel with the 2023 iteration introducing a new division, Shiji Guest Solutions.

Berlin, Germany, February, 16, 2023. Shiji, the global hospitality technology innovator, unveils the updated Shiji Product Wheel, featuring the new division, Shiji Guest Solutions. This new section showcases Shiji’s advancements in guest-facing technology.  

Since the acquisition of multiple companies in 2017, the Shiji Product Wheel has been the visual representation of how the various technology products, offered by the company, work together for the hospitality industry and its customers.  

This year, the wheel has been updated to include a new division, Shiji Guest Solutions, which covers products such as ReviewPro, the leading guest feedback management solution on the market, Shiji Digital Stay, a guest-facing application for hotels to manage check-in and guest communications and more.  

The update to the new product wheel features Shiji’s products and how they can be utilized to enhance the guest journey and drive digital transformation in the hospitality industry.  

“We are on a mission together with hotels to accelerate the digital transformation of guest experiences. Building the best possible technology stack is a key part of the journey. The product wheel is an intuitive way to show the complementary technology solutions, ranging from our next-generation PMS technology, Shiji Enterprise Platform, to the guest-facing Shiji Digital Stay, and everything in between, including payments, distribution and more.” said Kevin King, COO of Shiji.  

The Shiji Product Wheel is regularly updated to reflect the company's continued growth and expansion of its product offerings.

The Shiji product wheel for 2023, showing how Shiji's hospitality technology solutions fit on the guest journey. This edition introduced the new Shiji Guest Solutions division.

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