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About Galasys

Galasys is a leading provider of tourism destination management solutions. For the past twenty years, they have provided information management services for theme parks, spas, resorts, theaters, and more.

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Theme park Management

Galasys's theme park management system is perfect for any theme park, covering everything from inventory to reporting.

SPA and Resort Management

According to our experience working with spa resorts, Galasys has developed a set of effective spa resort management software which has successfully enhanced the connection between various departments; the combination with hardware has satisfied Customer experience.

Theater Management

Galasys's theater management solution includes FIT ticket seat selection and will automatically assign seats, and provide flexible and relevant reporting.


From handheld payment terminals to ski-lift RFID badges, Galasys offers all the hardware needed to sell tickets and manage entrance for any destination.


Manage ticket sales, wrist band access and F&B ordering. All the software can be connected to provided hardware or the user's own hardware.


Galasys offers consulting services for any issue, from technical problems to on-site troubleshooting, we're available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Why Galasys?

For the past twenty years, Galasys has provided information management services for theme parks, spas, resorts, theaters, and more. With more than ten offices and 100 employees, Galasys is a leading provider of tourist destination management solutions in China, having helped China's top cultural sites and attractions upgrade their online and offline operation management systems. Galasys provides a comprehensive solution that handles online channels, operations, member, market, and financial management and analysis, and connects with mainstream tourism platforms, all while operating securely in the cloud. We work with everything from ticketing, POS, ski resorts, water parks, and much more, and we offer customers ticketing, commodity and catering systems, smart card systems, training and much more.