Chain Stores

Shiji provides branded chain stores with complete management solutions that support both the direct selling and franchise systems.

Shopping malls

Malls can use our interactive mobile apps for cashless shopping, queues, and parking while also diversifying online marketing channels.


We offer flexible and robust solutions to supermarkets of any size so that they can better support their core business.

e-commerce platforms

Our e-commerce platforms offer multi-platform and management solutions for stores, products, orders, purchasing, delivery, maintenance, storage, finance, loyalty programs, and reporting.

omni-channel retailing

Our solution integrates supply chain and internal resources to achieve a seamless connection between loyalty programs, orders, storage, transportation, purchasing, finance, and reporting.

payment integration

Expand your payment offering from traditional payments to the latest disruptive payment methods, utilizing the Shiji Payment Platform.


Since August of 2017, Shiji’s Point-of-Sale (POS) product support team has been working on upgrading Starbucks’s POS software system in over 3,000 stores in China. The project covers software in Starbucks’s many stores across the country and includes providing all-weather technical support for POS products in the company’s headquarters and individual stores.

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