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Kunlun Central Solutions

About Kunlun Central Solutions

Kunlun Central Solutions provides a total hotel IT solution, no matter the hotel's size. Through experienced senior staff with experience in both hotel operations and technology, Kunlun's innovative software and services help hotels exchange data easily - improving efficiency for check-in, room selection, and more.


Kunlun CRS collects guests’ profiles and histories, including loyalty and corporate membership information, and can book guests' hotel rooms directly through a PMS.


Help staff organize and manage customer relationships by establishing rich customer profiles for more effective booking and improved data analysis.

Encourage LOYALTY

For over a decade, hotels have used Kunlun's loyalty program system to manage guest membership and improve guest experience.

What makes Kunlun CRM different?

Kunlun CRM helps hotels scientifically optimize their sales management processes to better drive efficiency and revenue growth. It manages everything from lead generation to deal closed, allowing users to track results at both a big picture and granular level and adjust your sales strategy. Kunlun CRM helps hotel groups streamline their central management in everything from customer management, business management, catering & events, reporting, and more.

Kunlun CRM

Customer Management

Help staff better organize and manage guest experience by establishing rich customer profiles for more effective booking and improved data analysis.


Business Management

The block module system is the core of business management in Kunlun Central Solutions. The block module can record all types of event bookings including meetings, banquets, and other events. Events like meetings, weddings, lunches, and dinners can be easily added to room reservations.


Catering & Events

Kunlun offers a full set of functions for operating banquet services, including venue booking, menu setting, item selection and more. The banquet module also provides event list, history and  forecast revenue reports, and banquet event order


Reports & More Functions

Of course the Kunlun system wouldn't be complete without extensive reporting capabilities. Kunlun offers data export, customer survey statistics, PMS information queries, inventory processing, budget and revenue comparisons, real-time view of rental charts, customer real-time consumption records, and quick processing orders.


Kunlun Central Reservation System

The Kunlun Central Reservation System is used by elite hotel groups and national chains. The Kunlun CRS is highly compatible, meeting industry standards to integrate with PMSs and domestic and international OTAs, as well as call centers, websites, WeChat, and airline systems.

Kunlun CRS collects guests’ profiles and histories including loyalty and corporate membership informations, and can book guests' hotel rooms directly to a PMS from various sales channels including direct channels and distribution channels. Users can also use Kunlun CRS to set brand standard SOPs and to integrate other hotel resources to adapt to marketing fluctuations.

Kunlun Central Reservation System

Loyalty Program System

For over a decade, hotels have used Kunlun LPS (Loyalty Program System) to manage guest membership and improve guest experience. Shiji now proudly serves over 500 hotel clients, including IHG, Starwood, Accor, Kempinski, Wyndham, Hilton, Wanda, New Century, and GSHM. LPS fully supports single hotel operation as well as hotel/ Restaurant/ SPA chains.


Groups and Chain Membership and Loyalty Management

Share guest profiles and folio with a PMS, whether as an independent hotel, multi-property hotel, or even a franchise restaurant.


Multi-Channel Loyalty Point Management

Use Kunlun CRS to facilitate real-time exchange of card value status with a PMS and POS. It seamlessly interfaces with most major PMS and POSs, and allows users to directly deduct card value in PMS & POSs.


Guest Profile Management and Guest Interface

Manage guests' member profile and send them helpful text and email reminders, and receive reports on guests profiles in both English and Chinese.

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Widely recognized as an industry leader in the Chinese market, Shiji Kunlun is installed in over 1,300 hotels among some of the finest brands in China.