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About Kunlun Smart Tools

Kunlun Smart Tools offer innovative tools and services that help hotels easily exchange data, improving efficiency from hotel check-in to breakfast management to guest check-outs, and much more, all while facilitating a better guest experience and improved staff efficiency.

Kunlun Smart Tools shiji group
Hotel data integrations

Integrate guest data across multiple systems to improve all levels of hotel processes and guest experience.

staff efficiency solutions

Improve front desk and check-in efficiency with Kunlun's software and hardware tools, all designed for a better guest (and user) experience.

custom tools

Kunlun customizes products to fit customers' systems and processes, whatever they may be.

Check In Anywhere

Kunlun Smart Tools makes check-in easy, providing divided-flow and holistic check in solutions, as well as offering “staff check-in” and “self check-in."

Smart Identify Tool

Reduce guest waiting time, save hotel internal resources, and improve work efficiency, all while keeping guest data readily available.

PACKAGE Control Tool

Kunlun's Smart Package Control Tool makes breakfast service and package management easy and efficient, and can accomodate both guests and non-guests.

Kunlun Smart Tools

Kunlun Smart Tools are a series of tools designed with one mission: To improve the guest experience, from accelerating the check-in process to improving administrative workflows to better loyalty tracking, even to breakfast service. All of Kunlun's tools come with comprehenisve back office support for management and accounting teams to track costs and operations as smoothly as possible.

Paperless Solution: E-Signature Tool

Kunlun's E-Signature (ES) Tool assists hotels in improving service and check-in efficiency by allowing guests to digitally sign via touch screen in a secure and environmentally friendly manner.

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Check In Anywhere

Kunlun strives to improve hotels' personalization services and provide guests a more comfortable,  high quality experience. Kunlun Smart Tools makes check-in easy, providing divided-flow and holistic check in solutions, as well as offering “staff check-in” and “self check-in" through mobile APP, WAP, WEB, WECHAT and mobile SMS proposal.

Kunlun Smart Tools: Check In Anywhere shiji group

The Kunlun Smart Identify Tool

Based on guests' demands for more efficient service, Shiji developed the Kunlun Smart Identify Tool (KSI). Through the KSI tool, hotels can reducing guest waiting time, saving hotel internal resources and improving work efficiency, all while keeping guest data readily available on their PMS.

Kunlun Smart Identify Tool shiji group

Smart Breakfast Control Function

Kunlun's Smart Breakfast Control Tool makes breakfast service and management easily and efficient. Guests simply swipe their room key and breakfast is added to the room, and non-guests can still enjoy and pay for their breakfasts as usual.

Kunlun Smart Tool Breakfast Control shiji group

Shiji Kunlun Smart Notifier Tool (KSN)

The Kunlun Smart Notifier Tool (KSN) is designed for to enable hotels, service apartments, and office buildings to communicate with their guests, whether it be by SMS, FAX, or email. KSN syncs with the OPERA PMS in real time and hotel staff can send SMSs and faxes directly via the OPERA. Hotels can also use KSN to to manage advertisement initiatives.

Kunlun Smart Notifier Tool (KSN) shiji group

Connecting Hotel Systems

Kunlun knows how many moving parts a hotel can have: Guest experience, the front desk, finance, the restaurant, and more. Kunlun has built a number of tools to address each potential pain point. With Kunlun Smart Tools, hotels can improve the guest's experience by removing friction at all possible levels and thus reducing wait time, from check-in to check-out.

Kunlun Smart Tools Shiji Group

Scanpay payment system

Suitable for multiple PMS and POS systems, supporting a variety of payment methods. The front desk can accept payments in real time with custom transaction credentials. Increasing efficiency of front desk staff and reducing guest waiting time.

Kunlun Smart Tools: scanpay payment system Shiji Group

One-click billing and invoicing issuance

Supporting multi-business invoicing, automatic billing, automatic price calculation and taxation. One-click billing and invoicing improves the accuracy of billings without additional investment.

Kunlun Smart Tool: one-click billing and invoicing issuance Shiji Group
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Kunlun Smart Tools are used by over 1300 hotel clients in China. As one of the industry standards in the region, Kunlun Smart Tools is now also used in hotels in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Turkey.