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About Shiji Human Resources

Shiji Human Resources Management Software (HRMS) is the leading hospitality HR solution in China. With its design and core practices derived directly from hotel operations, Shiji HRMS is devoted to serve the hospitality industry. It provides an integrated solution to all hotel Human Resources operations, including HR, payroll, attendance, and staff meals. Shiji's HR solution is used by almost all domestic hotel brands and groups in China and is the industry gold standard for HR software.

Shiji Human Resources System Shiji Group
Salary calculation

Automate the salary calculations for staff, including temporary staff, taking into account all legal and fiscal requirements.

secure personal information

Securely manage employee personal data, birth date, foreign employment, probation period, and more.

Employee self-service management

Manage employee and HR communications through the self-managed staff portal.

single ID card Management

A single emplyee card to manage arrival and departure time of staff and manage staff meals and access throughout the hotel.

Biometric ID Capabilities

The HRMS system is compatible with fingerprint scanners and biometric ID management systems that replace employee cards.

Custom Process Management

Create custom processes for staff and salary management with our support teams.

Personnel Management for the Modern Era

Shiji Human Resources offers HR solutions for the modern business. Comprehensively manage personnel data, flexible reporting, events, training, schedule tracking, performance management, corporate policy management, document management, and much more.


Shiji HR is the flexible HR solution: Flexible coverage for staff with different salary cycles and payroll policies, tracking of attendance, and various leaves such as maternity leave, automatic syncing of personnel changes, tax algorithms, salary, tax, and payroll reporting, and much more.

Shiji Human Resources - Flexible


Shiji HR is not only flexible, it's full-service. Use Shiji HR for online document approval as well as approval and modification for overtime, leave applications, HR inquiries, et cetera. Users can also track and create reports on promotions, salary adjustments, and departmental transfers, as well as email payroll documentation to staff, or other employee notifications.

Shiji Human Resources: Full -service


Shiji HR offers self-service funtionality for staff. Employees can log in to the system via computer or mobile and access employee information, training materials, and other assets relevant to their work. Employess can, of course, also use Shiji HR to apply for overtime or leave, or make inquiries to their managers or HR. Staff can use Shiji HR to share company life and culture.

Shiji Human Resources: Self-Service

One Card for Everything

Use Shiji HR's "one card" functionality to cover all standard staff activities. The same card issued to staff can be used as a time card, dining card, and access card. Shiji HRMS system can automatically schedule attendance, pay for staff meals, and allow staff access to various parts of the business as needed. Shiji HR ensures security with optional fingerprint or face recognition features tied to the card.

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Widely recognized as an industry leader in the Chinese market, Shiji's Human Resources tools are used by some of the best hotels and chains in China.